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March 4, 2015
Noise pollution is a serious issue that can have severe consequences on health. Noise pollution can affect the human body mainly in three different ways, Physical, Physiological and Psychological.
Physical effects of noise pollution are direct effects on a person’s health such as hearing loss or tinnitus. Most experts agree that exposure to sound more than 85 dB for hours is potentially...
February 3, 2015
Formaldehyde is a very common chemical ingredient in many manufacturing processes. It is used in producing such products as paper, shampoo, nail polish along with glues when making plywood, MDF and acoustic fiberglass board. It should also be pointed out that formaldehyde occurs naturally in the human body and within our food.
Formaldehyde is an extremely cost effective additive that is fast...
December 12, 2014
A home theater, for many, is a sanctuary to escape from the stresses of everyday life and be transported into another world. The realism of the theater depends on both the acoustics and the lighting. Quality speakers properly placed with the correct wire and connections are important factors necessary for realistic sound. Lighting is also important where reflections are reduced to a minimum. Distracting...
September 18, 2014
Reducing Noises between rooms in a home.
Peace and quiet can be piece of mind. Knowing that one room in the house can be loud and rambunctious, while the next room is the epitome of tranquility keeps everyone happy and less stress for you. How does one go about achieving such tranquility or reducing the noise that flows from one room to the next?
While there are many products on the market...
December 8, 2011
Soundproofing Defined
I often hear about “soundproofing” materials that failed to deliver expected results. One of the major reasons of this is the widespread incorrect use of the term “Soundproof”. Although the term seems to be self-explanatory, there is a great deal of confusion between the terms sound quality and soundproofing. Let’s have a look¹:
November 2, 2011
Stuff to know before you blow your dough!
October 3, 2011
What is NRC?
NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient and is a standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound. The NRC rating of a material can be viewed as a percentage. For example, an NRC of .75 means 75% of the sound energy that contacts that material is absorbed and is not reflected back into a room. Likewise, this same material can be considered to be only 25% reflective.
August 25, 2011
STC stands for ''Sound Transmission Class.'' This is a single-number rating that is used for comparing the acoustical isolation that different barrier materials can provide. Unfortunately, the process used to determine the ‘official’ STC of a material is a lot more complex than that single number might suggest. Just know that a material’s ability to block sound is measured at several...
August 30, 2010
One of the most often overlooked surfaces for acoustic treatment in a room also happens to be the largest available surface . . . Just look up!
July 6, 2010
To all of you North of the equator: Welcome to summer! Along with the weather of summer come many activities that are unique to this time of year (especially for Northerners where summers are short), such as motorcycle and convertible car trips, lawn care, amusement parks, outdoor concerts, and more. Unfortunately, these activities also often present overlooked opportunities for hearing damage.
June 15, 2010
Several years ago, I was a guest at a hotel in Japan. In my room, I read the multi-language Warning Label on the built-in hair dryer: “Do not use for the other purpose.” This still makes me chuckle to this day -- something went amiss in the translation. The wording is close enough that we can infer what the writer meant: The hair dryer is only to be used for drying hair. The humor results...
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