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Posted by Gary Pressley on October 20, 2017

Determining if a room needs sound abatement products to control an annoying sound is one thing, making sure that the right products are used and used properly is another. Products such as mass loaded vinyl (MLV) or green glue are very effective at controlling noise. Small cracks, crevices, and even wall outlets though, if not treated, can allow all and any noise through a wall.

To really create a soundproof room, you’re going to have to find all the possible entry points. Electrical outlets and switches are a great place to start when looking for leaks. Both applications can be sealed up with a simple piece of SilentPutty™ Pad in a matter of minutes. The pads are easy to apply and will not harden once installed. SilentPutty™ Pads are guaranteed to improve your STC rating of your wall or ceiling. This method is low cost, low hassle and effective.

To view Installation instructions for SilentPutty™ Pads, click here.

Make sure to be thorough in attacking noise leaks, a minor crevice or gap might not seem like a big deal, but sound is like air, any small cracks or holes and air will find a way to escape.

Once you have plugged the leak with the pad, an additional step that can be taken to increase sound absorption is by applying acoustical sound sealant. Make sure to install correctly otherwise it will do little for sound absorption. This sealant can be installed around electrical boxes, outlets, cold air returns, heating and air conditioning ducts and other equipment penetrating wall surfaces.

Seal up even the smallest holes and cracks. Remember, if air can pass through it, so can sound.




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