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SilentPutty™ Pads

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Overlooked air leaks around wall penetrations can ruin the STC rating of your wall or ceiling. SilentPutty™ Pads help preserve the soundproof properties of fire rated walls. SilentPutty™ Pads are easy to apply and will not harden. They are UL classified for both plastic and metal outlet boxes, and they prevent the spread of smoke, fire and toxic gases. SilentPutty™ Pads are sized to cover standard outlet boxes, but are also recommended to seal leaks around plumbing and phone jacks.

SilentPutty™ Pads maintain acoustical ratings and have outstanding adhesion as materials seal leaks around plumbing, phone jacks and electrical outlets. SilentPutty™ Pads eliminate overlooked air leaks around surface penetrations to improve the STC rating of your wall or ceiling.

  • Thickness: 1/8" x 7.25" x 7.25"
  • Flame Spread: 5
  • Smoke Index: 15

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Item # AC.SP77
SilentPutty™ Pads (20/Pkg)
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