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One of the most often overlooked surfaces for acoustic treatment in a room also happens to be the largest available surface . . . Just look up!  One of the most popular ceiling treatments is done via acoustic ceiling tiles installed in a suspended ceiling grid.  But how effective are these products?   The answer depends greatly on the tile chosen, the room in question, and the sonic environment needed there. The most important thing to determine before [...]
August 30, 2010
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To all of you North of the equator:  Welcome to summer!  Along with the weather of summer come many activities that are unique to this time of year (especially for Northerners where summers are short), such as motorcycle and convertible car trips, lawn care, amusement parks, outdoor concerts, and more.  Unfortunately, these activities also often present overlooked opportunities for hearing damage. I’m not suggesting we spend the season wearing industrial-strength earmuffs every day; but who [...]