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January 2018

The Secret Acoustic Tricks of a Movie Theater
We all go to the movies and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dolby 5-Channel or XD sound and a 4K visual experience. While recently enjoying a movie, it dawned on me that movie theaters apply some unique acoustical solutions to help enhance the viewing experience. You probably do not think much about it when you plop yourself down in those seats and munch away on popcorn. After reading this blog, however, and visiting your [...]
6 Noise Solution Tips for Home Gyms and Fitness Facilities
With it being the New Year fitness centers start to get incredibly busy, and home gyms are now getting built for everyone to lose that extra holiday weight. Whether you are looking to install a home gym or you are building a new public fitness center, there are a handful of design decisions to consider, ranging from what type of machines you need to lose the weight to what type of flooring you want to [...]
January 8, 2018
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