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Mass loaded Vinyl

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Can Acoustic Tiles Solve Impact Noise?
Acoustic Ceilings
One of the more frequently asked questions we receive here at SAS is "Does your black acoustic ceiling tile solve impact noise?". The short answer is: no. Let's look further into the reasons why that is the case. What is impact noise? Impact sound, (or impact noise), is a form of structure-borne sound that occurs when an object impacts on another, resulting in the generation and transmission of sound. The structural vibration caused by the [...]
Clearing up the misinformation on Mass Loaded Vinyl
Mass Loaded Vinyl
What material is used in the Manufacturing of MLV? The first thing I would like to address is the Mass Loaded Vinyl composition. When the product first hit the market decades ago, barium was one of the raw materials in the manufacturing process. Today, due to advances in science and production, MLV is now manufactured from calcium carbonate combined with other propriety materials based on the manufacturer. Any article that states that barium sulfate is [...]
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a crucial part of any building. Whether it’s a small house, a medium-sized office building, or a large manufacturing facility. HVAC systems often generate unpleasant noise pollution, typically in two distinct ways. Airflow is a big source of noise in HVAC systems. Generally, the noise is produced by a large volume of air generated from fans or blowers, in order to propel air throughout the system. Another [...]