SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl: PSA

SilentWrap™ PSA is a 1 lb. per sq./inch acoustical barrier (Mass Loaded Vinyl) designed to reduce the sound transmission through walls, ceilings and floors in virtually any environment. The back side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy adhesion to flat surfaces.



Efficient Sound Isolation: Reduces perceived Noise Levels up to 88%.

  • Easy Installation – Can be cut with a utility knife or shears and is easily installed under standard drywall, above ceilings or under carpeted or floating floors. No special tools or labor required.
  • Cost-Effective – Lower total cost than installing multiple drywall layers or pouring additional layers of concrete flooring
  • Green Product – SilentWrap is made from post-industrial recycled products and is fully recyclable.
  • STC 26
  • Roll size 48″ x 25′
  • Weight (lb/sq.ft.) – 1.0
  • Meets ASTM E90-97





Weight 100 lbs

Dimensions 25 × 48 × 1 in

Type: SilentWrap™ PSA

Density: 1#

Size: 48 inches x 25 inches