SilentWrap™ Peel ‘n’ Stick Mass Loaded Vinyl PSA


SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl: PSA is a 1 lb. Per sq./ft. acoustical barrier designed to reduce the sound transmission through walls, ceilings, and floors in virtually any environment. The backside is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for adhesion to flat surfaces.


SilentWrap™ Peel ‘n’ Stick Mass loaded Vinyl PSA offers a method to efficiently isolate sound or reduce noise issues by as much as 88%. This product is ideal for commercial and residential spaces such as walls and floors. It allows for adhering directly to the wall or floor substrate. No nails or screws are required for installation. It’s one of the easiest ways to hang mass loaded vinyl with the adhesive backing. No special nails or washer required.

  • Easy Installation – Can be cut with a utility knife or shears and is easily installed under standard drywall, above ceilings, or under carpeted or floating floors. No special tools or labor required.
  • Cost-Effective – Lower total cost than installing multiple drywall layers or pouring additional layers of concrete flooring
  • Green Product – SilentWrap is made from post-industrial recycled products
  • STC 26
  • Roll size 48″ x 25′
  • Weight (lb/sq.ft.) – 1.0
  • Meets ASTM E90-97

Important Notice: SilentWrap™ Mass loaded Vinyl PSA needs a smooth surface to bond effectively.

Visit our Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier page for other options and densities available to you for ordering. Need help with an order please call us at 1-877-399-9697. Please note that mass loaded vinyl by nature is a heavy material and we do not have any control over the shipping costs.





Weight 116 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in

SilentWrap™ PSA




48 inches x 25 inches

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