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Reducing Noises Between Rooms In A Home

Reducing Noises Between Rooms In A Home

Peace and quiet can be a piece of mind. Knowing that one room in the house can be loud and rambunctious, while the next room is the epitome of tranquility keeps everyone happy and less stress for you. How does one go about achieving such tranquility or reducing the noise that flows from one room to the next?

While there are many products on the market to achieve this, one of the easier to use is a product called Mass Loaded Vinyl. Installing a Mass Loaded Vinyl product such as Silent Wrap in your home is an excellent way to dampen sound vibrations and reduce transmission of airborne noises.

SilentWrap™ installed properly will muffle loud shouting to the point of being hardly noticeable.  Available in a multitude of sizes and densities, SilentWrap™ can be easily installed on studs during new construction or on walls of existing living spaces. SilentWrap™, or mass loaded vinyl as it’s commonly known, has been the industry standard for many years and was originally designed as a safe alternative to lead-based barriers.

The product carries many advantages, and over time its reputation for ease of use has made it a standard with contractors and architects as an interior sound blocker. Not only is it great for walls, it can also be used on floors, ceilings, and around pipes and HVAC ducting.

Install guide for walls

  1. Measure the length of the first piece parallels to the framing from floor to ceiling.
  2. Roll out the MLV and cut using a utility knife and straight edge.
  3. Hold MLV sheet to the wall and fasten the top and work your way down. Use roofing nails and washer for a solid hold.
  4. Nails should be placed roughly 2’ apart.
  5. Tape seams with a quality vinyl tape and caulks any gaps with an acoustical sealant.