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June 2017

There are two difficult questions that many individuals seem to need the answer to regarding spec sheet date codes. How do you know if you have the latest version of your supplier's product? How do you know if the spec sheet you are submitting is correct? Many do not know that spec sheets do not expire and who really knows when a manufacturer will update or change a product's specifications. Each manufacturer has their own [...]
Acoustic Treatment
An important factor to consider when designing a space that has low lighting such as a theater, cinema or an auditorium is the amount of light being reflected throughout the entire space. The amount of reflection on the ceilings, walls, and floors can significantly affect those who are utilizing the space. Too little light and it becomes difficult to perform a necessary task. Too much and it could at times cause a glare leading to [...]
Not all Acoustical Duct Liners are the Same- Check Before You Install!
While many acoustic materials “look” right for the job, there are considerations that need to be taken when specifying materials for lining a duct, because there is a wide variety of products that can be used for acoustical duct liners. Reducing noise carried through ductwork is a vital function to help create a more productive work, living and learning environments. Effective noise reduction in ducts calls for an integrated strategy of good mechanical layout, vibration [...]