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Acoustic Treatments in Low Light Situations

Acoustic Treatment
Acoustic Treatments in Low Light Situations

An important factor to consider when designing a space that has low lighting such as a theater, cinema or an auditorium is the amount of light being reflected throughout the entire space. The amount of reflection on the ceilings, walls, and floors can significantly affect those who are utilizing the space.

Too little light and it becomes difficult to perform a necessary task. Too much and it could at times cause a glare leading to eye discomfort, which can lead to health issues. It is very important for interior designers to give consideration to the amount of reflection that occurs on surfaces in a room.

This is why contractors are big fans of using silent ceiling black fiberglass boards in low light environments. The product offers not only excellent sound absorption properties but also fantastic light absorption as well, when installed in rooms like a theater, cinema or auditorium. Using silent ceiling black fiberglass for product covers and enclosures improves a room’s artistic taste. Interior designers can achieve any look and feel when designing a low lighted room using black fiberglass.

When fiberglass boards are installed it truly absorbs light more than bounces off, thus giving it extremely good lighting for low light environments unlike glossy finishes or light colors such as white and yellow. Installing black fiberglass is the best bang for your buck to improve lighting. It is also very cost-effective and will in end provide an atmosphere that is visually attractive.

In order to provide interior designers with the information they need to make critical decisions regarding color selection, we created a chart that explains what percentage of color finishes will give off a light reflection.

Color                               Light Reflection Percentages

Black                                  3%

Sky Blue                            41%

Grey Cloud                        47%

Copper                               56%

Peach                                 62%

Almond                              71%

White Bronze                    76%

Yellow                                 78%

Matte White                       79%

White                                  82%


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