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Spec Sheet Date Codes

Spec Sheet Date Codes

There are two difficult questions that many individuals seem to need the answer to regarding spec sheet date codes.

  1. How do you know if you have the latest version of your supplier’s product?
  2. How do you know if the spec sheet you are submitting is correct?

Many do not know that spec sheets do not expire and who really knows when a manufacturer will update or change a product’s specifications. Each manufacturer has their own way of date coding a spec sheet. These codes can typically be found at the bottom of a page, on the backside. It could be listed by itself or it could be buried within legal jargon.

A global company such as Owens Corning has a publication number as one of the last ‘small print’ details on their data sheets. The company Knauf, prints their publication number right on the front so it’s easy to find. The organization Johns Manville, lists the year and also the product it replaces.

A good rule of thumb to follow is, if the date printed seems very distant, it is probably prudent to call and ask for the latest spec sheet date codes.