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Strategies for Soundproofing Ceilings

Strategies for Soundproofing Ceilings
Acoustic Ceilings
Strategies for Soundproofing Ceilings

For those of us that rent we can admit that we can hear noise through the ceilings. Whether it’s the heavy walking from the neighbors above you or the action-packed movie blaring through the floor from below, unwanted noise can be uncomfortable and an irritant. The good news is there are simple solutions that can be done to solve this common issue.

To conquer unwanted sounds like loud footsteps, dropped objects, music or the television, you will need to soundproof your ceilings within your home.



Breaking the Connection

A great way to deaden sound is to separate the connection between the wall or the ceiling and the noise on the other side. If you are working on an existing ceiling, using the right materials and design will help bring some peace and quiet to your home.

If your ceiling cannot be removed your options are limited, you can, however, apply Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound and an additional layer of drywall to the existing ceiling if airborne noise, not impact noise, is the primary concern.

Green Glue is a viscoelastic soundproofing compound that, when sandwiched between two layers of a rigid material, greatly reduces the amount of sound transmission through ceilings or walls and reduces the amount of noise generated from impact floors.

If your ceiling is not a drywall finished surface, but instead a drop grid ceiling tile system, the treatment is an easy, affordable and effective solution. To solve your noise issues add acoustic ceiling tiles. Acoustic tiles are suitable for a number of spaces ranging from a home office, study or basement. It is also ideal for a number of commercial spaces such as movie theaters or tv broadcasting studios.

During the installation of materials, don’t forget to seal all the small gaps and crevices appropriately. Sound is like water, if there is space for it to escape, it will find that space.

Are you working on a soundproofing project? Click here to consult with us today to discover more about conquering unwanted sound.