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Formaldehyde reduction in acoustic design

Formaldehyde reduction in acoustic design

Formaldehyde is a very common chemical ingredient in many manufacturing processes. It is used in producing such products as paper, shampoo, nail polish along with glues when making plywood, MDF and acoustic fiberglass board. It should also be pointed out that formaldehyde occurs naturally in the human body and within our food.

Formaldehyde is an extremely cost-effective additive that is fast curing proving excellent dimensional stability and flame resistance. Although more recently, formaldehyde has been linked to cancer as a carcinogen. Studies have been inconclusive, nonetheless, some people show a higher sensitivity to formaldehyde than others.

When building materials are newly installed, off-gassing or burn off of formaldehyde may occur for a short period of time. While this time period is not considered a dangerous exposure level, sensitivity may be heightened with the introduction of new odors and materials. If you are concerned though of the possibility of formaldehyde sensitivity, considering using formaldehyde-free acoustic boards form Sound Acoustic Solutions.

Our Silent Fiber Formaldehyde Free Fiberglass Boards are made with a specially developed plant-based binder which gives it the natural looking brown color. None of the products we sell have any type of formaldehyde in it. Some manufacturers claim to be formaldehyde free as the formaldehyde will burn off during the manufacturing process. This is not the case with the Silent Fiber Formaldehyde Free boards, they are 100% Formaldehyde free.