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The Loudest Sports Venues

The Loudest Sports Venues

With the NBA Finals taking place and fans cheering for their favorite team to win- GO Cavs! It got us thinking what the loudest sports stadiums in the world are.

If you are curious how loud fans can be, take a look at the top five loudest sports stadiums in the world below! We are shocked at the decibel levels that some of the stadiums were able to reach! After reading this, you may want to consider taking earplugs to the next game you attend.

5. Turk Telekom Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011, 131.0 dB

 Turk Telekom Stadium

4. Memorial Stadium, Clemson, SC, 2007, 132.8 dB

 Memorial Stadium

3. Husky Stadium, Seattle, WA, 1992, 133.6

 Husky Stadium

2. CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA, 2013, 137.6 dB

 CenturyLink Field

1. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO, 2014, 142.2 dB

 Arrowhead Stadium