Acoustic Duct Liner

SilentFiber™ Acoustic Duct Liner designed to be applied to interior surfaces of sheet metal ductwork for air conditioning, heating and cooling systems in residential and commercial appliances or HVAC systems.


SilentFiber™ Acoustic Duct Liner also reference as acoustic duct wrap insulation is designed to be applied to interior surfaces of sheet metal ductwork for HVAC systems in residential and commercial applications.

What is it?
The SilentFiber Duct Liner is fiberglass insulation, manufactured from fiberglass wool combined with a high-temperature resistant resin. This product is great at absorbing sound and is sold in rolls.  SilentFiber Duct Liner is equipped with a sturdy, non-woven, fiberglass surface that is easily installed with steel hanging accessories.  The product is offered in a flexible 1-1/2 pound density material and comes in either a one or two-inch thickness.  The one-inch material is available in a 4 ft x 100 ft roll and the two-inch material is available in a 4 ft x 50 ft roll.  This product is also resistant to fungi and bacteria growth.

For HVAC lagging application, Acoustic duct liner is applied inside the sheet metal ductwork for air systems operating at temperatures from 5°C (40°F) and 121°C (250°F), with the facing exposed to the airflow. The insulation should be secured to the sheet metal ductwork using mechanical fasteners (impact-driven or weld secured) or an appropriate supporting tool.

What problem does it solve?
This product is extremely efficient for heat loss or gain and provides excellent acoustical and thermal capabilities to applied areas.  When applied to ductwork, it helps lower energy costs by conserving existing natural energy usage.

Where would it be used?
This product is designed to be used on the interior of sheet metal and HVAC systems in commercial and residential applications.  When applied to the rafters of metal buildings it is effective at reducing noise reverberations. It also helps absorb light by reducing light reflection for theaters or dark rooms.

Sizes Available:
– 1″ Thick – 4 ft x 100 ft Roll
– 2″ Thick – 4 ft x 50 ft Roll


  • NRC: 0.7 (1 inch) and 0.8 (2 inches)
  • Pounds per cubic foot: 1.5t
  • R-Value: 4.1 (1 inch) and 7.7 (2 inches)
  • Maximum air temperature: 121°C (250°F)
  • Thermo-resistance: R=4.3 (H.°F ft²/BTU)

Approved Standards:

  • ASTM C1338-00
  • ASTM CM411-05
  • ASTM C665
  • ASTM C795
  • ASTM 1304
  • UL723
  • ASTM C916
  • ASTM E84
  • ASTM C177
  • ASTM C423
  • ASTM C167

Acoustic Duct Liner cannot be shipped via fed-ex ground. Please contact us for LTL shipping options at 1-877-399-9697.


1 inch, 2 inches


100 Feet x 4 feet, 50 Feet x 4 Feet