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Office Products

As more people are working from home due to Covid-19, the need for a quiet home office or workspace is very important. The products featured here will help to absorb or reduce noises that are being transfer to your new work space.

    SilentFiber™ Polyester Acoustic Diamonds

    Black Acoustic Ceiling Tile

    Cloud Drop Ceiling Tile

    SilentFiber™ Acoustic Polyester Plank

    SilentFiber™ Acoustic Poly Block

    SilentFiber™ Blade Baffle (5 Baffles) Grey

    Acoustic Office Space Divider

    SilentFiber™ Acoustic Wall Poly Panels

    SilentFiber™ Wave Ceiling Baffle

    SilentFiber™ Mini Wave Ceiling Baffle