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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Sound Acoustic Solutions stocks a variety of SilentCeiling™ acoustical ceiling tiles products for an effective and affordable way to build acoustical ceilings with excellent sound absorption properties. Are you a DIY person looking for a cost-effective acoustical ceiling solution or maybe you’re building a soundproof room or a home theater? The products featured on this page are effective in eliminating unwanted ceiling boundary reflections and controlling excessive room reverberation. SilentCeiling™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are available in black with a matte finish and can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

    Black Acoustic Ceiling Tile

    Cloud Drop Ceiling Tile

    SilentPoly™ Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

    Qwel - 1" Drop Tile

    Qwel - 1/4" Drop Tile

    Qwel - Deep Dish Tile

    Qwel - Flat Tile

    Qwel - Quad Circle Tile

    Acoustic Ceiling Barrier

    SilentCeiling™ Cap

    Black Eco Ceiling Tiles