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Acoustical Ceiling Barrier

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SilentCeiling™ Acoustical Ceiling Barrier solves two problems in one as it both absorbs and blocks unwanted sound. SilentCeiling™ Acoustical Ceiling Barrier is made of an effective and affordable fiberglass that is finished with a crisp, matte black fabric bonded to 1" or 2" SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl. Sound absorption is achieved with our highly popular SilentCeiling™ Barrier. Sound blocking comes from the specific layer of our 1" or 2" SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl. The mass loaded vinyl resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noises. SilentCeiling™ Acoustical Barrier is capable of creating a "disappearing" black acoustical tile ceiling with excellent sound absorption.

Popular Applications:

  • Home theatres and media rooms
  • Recording and broadcast studios
  • Clubs, restaurants, entertainment facilities
  • Theatres and performing arts centers

Sound Acoustic Solutions carries all of the supplies you'll need to install SilentCeiling™ Barrier.


Please note: SilentCeiling™ Acoustical Ceiling Barrier Tiles are not meant to uphold ceiling products such as recessed lighting. Make sure to install recessed lighting using the grid of the ceiling to support the weight of the lights, not the tiles themselves.*

Need a large amount of SilentCeiling™ Acoustical Barrier? Call us at 877-399-9697 for a custom wholesale quote!

Shipping note: Due to the weight of this material some items may need to ship LTL and therefore we cannot provide an accurate cost on the site. Please contact us.

Effective Sound Absorption: Eliminate unwanted ceiling boundary reflections and control excessive room reverberation. SilentCeiling™ Acoustical Barrier makes acoustical tile ceilings visually and audibly disappear.

Easy Installation: SilentCeiling™ Barrier Acoustical Ceiling Tiles are sized to fit either a 2'x2' or 2'x4' drop down ceiling tile grid. They are easily installed, and can be trimmed with a utility knife if needed.

Acoustical Ceiling Barrier Qty Price
Item # SCB.2203.1B1
1", 3#, 2' x 2' (10/Pkg)
Item # SCB.2403.1B1
1", 3#, 2' x 4' (10/Pkg)
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