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There are two difficult questions that many individuals seem to need the answer to regarding spec sheet date codes. How do you know if you have the latest version of your supplier's product? How do you know if the spec sheet you are submitting is correct? Many do not know that spec sheets do not expire and who really knows when a manufacturer will update or change a product's specifications. Each manufacturer has their own [...]
Acoustic Treatment
An important factor to consider when designing a space that has low lighting such as a theater, cinema or an auditorium is the amount of light being reflected throughout the entire space. The amount of reflection on the ceilings, walls, and floors can significantly affect those who are utilizing the space. Too little light and it becomes difficult to perform a necessary task. Too much and it could at times cause a glare leading to [...]
Not all Acoustical Duct Liners are the Same- Check Before You Install!
While many acoustic materials “look” right for the job, there are considerations that need to be taken when specifying materials for lining a duct, because there is a wide variety of products that can be used for acoustical duct liners. Reducing noise carried through ductwork is a vital function to help create a more productive work, living and learning environments. Effective noise reduction in ducts calls for an integrated strategy of good mechanical layout, vibration [...]
In the study of sound, there are words that are used that by Architects, Engineers, Builders and Acoustical Consultants. The list below will help in the understanding of products and their ability to affect sound. ● Acoustic: It is the science of sound, including its production, transmission and effects. The sound that surrounds us is referred to as the acoustic environment. This medium can be pleasurable with desired sounds or polluted with unwanted sounds. ● [...]
It is often said that sound escapes much like water, if there is a crack or hole, sound will escape. Preventing this sound from escaping can be solved with a number of solutions and products on the market. One of the more simple ways to reduce sound penetrating a wall is to add a product such as Silent Wrap. This mass loaded vinyl product is an effective sound barrier. During the construction phase of a [...]
Several years ago, I was a guest at a hotel in Japan.  In my room, I read the multi-language Warning Label on the built-in hairdryer:  “Do not use for the other purpose.”  This still makes me chuckle to this day -- something went amiss in the translation.  The wording is close enough that we can infer what the writer meant: The hair dryer is only to be used for drying hair.  The humor results from [...]
Finding the perfect home can seem like an impossible challenge and one that usually ends up in a number of compromises. Most aspects of a home can be fixed such as landscaping, wall color or flooring can all be changed. Although factors beyond our control cannot be changed. Factors such as flight patterns from an airport, highways and rail lines. If you are looking to buy a home and noise is a priority, here are [...]
April 10, 2015
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Noise pollution is a serious issue that can have severe consequences on health. Noise pollution can affect the human body mainly in three different ways, Physical, Physiological and Psychological. Physical effects of noise pollution are direct effects on a person’s health such as hearing loss or tinnitus. Most experts agree that exposure to sound more than 85 dB for hours is potentially dangerous.  And it is estimated that 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerous [...]
Formaldehyde is a very common chemical ingredient in many manufacturing processes. It is used in producing such products as paper, shampoo, nail polish along with glues when making plywood, MDF and acoustic fiberglass board. It should also be pointed out that formaldehyde occurs naturally in the human body and within our food. Formaldehyde is an extremely cost-effective additive that is fast curing proving excellent dimensional stability and flame resistance. Although more recently, formaldehyde has been linked to [...]
February 3, 2015
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Acoustic Ceilings
A home theater, for many, is a sanctuary to escape from the stresses of everyday life and be transported into another world. The realism of the theater depends on both the acoustics and the lighting. Quality speakers properly placed with the correct wire and connections are important factors necessary for realistic sound. Lighting is also important where reflections are reduced to a minimum. Distracting lights and reflections can reduce the enjoyment of the home theater. [...]