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Acoustical Insulation Boards Optimizes the Acoustics of Any Space

Sound Acoustic Solutions carries a wide array of Fiberglass board and other acoustical boards that can help in minimizing sound problems. These board products are available in a variety of densities, thicknesses and sizes each offering a solution for the abatement of noise. With so many options, we are sure that you will find an optimum board for use in acoustic panels and stretch wall applications, all offering excellent sound absorption with a wide range of STC value.

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Formaldehyde Free Fiberglass Boards

Categorized under the Silent Fiber Line, Knauf Ecose® Formaldehyde free boards are available plain or fabricated. These boards are an environmentally friendly brown formaldehyde free acoustical board with ECOSE technology, a plant base binder. 

Boards contain no phenol, formaldehydge, acrylics or artificial colors and they are a safe alternative to regular fiberglass boards.

Silent Fiber™ Poly Panels

Silent Fiber™ Poly Panels are covered Acoustical Wall Panels manufactured from 100% polyester fiber, bonded by using heat instead of traditional chemical binders.

SilentFiber™ Polyboard

SilentFiber™ Polyboards are a sound absorbing polyester board made of synthetic fibers. Polyboard is environmentally friendly and contains no formaldehyde, VOCs, glues or binders.

Mat Faced Fiberglass Board

SilentFiber™ Mat Faced Fiberglass Boards have a smooth surface with a white mat facing applied using a skidding process. Different mat facings can be used, either 40g or 100g. Depending on the mat weight, the final color appearance can vary slightly from a yellowish tone to a whiter tone. Mat is applied to one side of the fiberglass board.

Plain Faced Fiberglass Board

Plain Faced Fiberglass Boards sold under the SilentFiber™ brand eliminate slap-echo between parallel surfaces and improve signal-to-noise ratio for listening or recording.  Plain Faced Fiberglass Boards are easily cut to size with a utility knife or shears and can be mounted to walls or ceilings.

Acoustical Duct Liner

SilentFiber™ Acoustical Duct Liner provides acoustical fiberglass insulation for circular metal ducts. Duct Liner can be used in both commercial and residential acoustical construction projects.

Dual Density Fiberglass Board

SilentFiber™ Dual Density Fiberglass Boards are medium impact resistant and designed for high traffic areas where acoustical treatment and durability is of high importance. Stocked tackable fiberglass boards come with a 6# fiberglass core layered with a 16# fiberglass board face.

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